Plus Size Occasionwear with Live Unlimited

I've got some more plus size occasionwear for you - This time it's something a bit pared back and cool. Think chic city wedding followed by a merlot or twelve in a classy wine bar. 

Occasion Dress* - Live Unlimited
Jacket - ASOS
Bag - New Look (Similar)
Shoes - ASOS 

I've always seen Live Unlimited as grown up and elegant, with its abstract mono print and jersey turn up sleeves, this dress is no exception to the rules. I dont know about you but I find a mock-wrap dress infinitely less worrying than a true wrap. No chance of flashing anyone or getting something stuck in your knickers/down the toilet...


I tend to stay away from asymmetry in fashion, I'm just a very symmetrical person you see. Despite this, I love how the top layer of the dress drapes, taking it from a Tshirt dress to something much more interesting. Paired with a blazer and accessories in a primary colours, you have something simple but striking. 


I think everyone should have a dress like this in their wardrobe, it's been fab for work (Purely because I have no occasions!) and is like the frock equivalent of that perfect fitting t-shirt you pull on and feel instantly fab in. Live Unlimited have some beautiful dresses for the Summer - This tropical print shirt dress is Miami Vice perfection. 


I just need to take this chance to say that I'm so sorry I've been AWOL dear reader(s), I have no reasoning other than the fact that I've been beyond the busiest person in the world. However, I have some time in the sun coming which I'm hoping it will lend itself well to showing you some of my frankly incredible holiday wardrobe (Honestly, I've never been so excited about a suitcase!) I also have a rather dramatic spray tan so even if you just check my Instagram to laugh at someone whose face is the same colour as my hair, please don't write me off just yet guys!!!

Em x 
* Denotes Items gifted for review - All opinions are my own!


Plus Size Occasionwear with Studio 8

It's that time of year when there's a posh frock occasion around every corner. Weddings, Christenings, proms and, on this occasion, a day at the races care of the lovely people at Studio 8.

Dress - Studio 8
Shoes - Simply Be
Hat - Accessorize
I can't lie, I was a little bit concerned about dressing for Ascot. When I get dressed up it tends to be after dark and for no more than 6/7 hours in total. This day was set to start at 8:30am and I wasn't due home until the early hours of the next day, so I knew I needed something comfortable, non-crease, easy to wear yet glamorous as f*ck. Luckily, the Jennifer dress ticked all the boxes.


I was initially sold on the Jennifer based on the length - I much prefer below the knee for the daytime but, as you know, this isn't always as simple for a taller person. Fortunately, this dress sits at the perfect length. I also love a full skirt, especially when it's not too fussy. This one holds its shape through the cut rather than netting which is a big plus point for me. The modern floral print brings in that many colours that I could have accessorised with pretty much anything I wanted - All I needed to do is pair it with a simple fascinator and sandals and I was away.

As for size. I'm currently a 16-18 and am prone to sizing up because I don't at all like being squished or squeezed. With Studio 8 I'm a 16, for the simple reason that the clothes are made to fit a plus sized body, which I think we can all agree is remarkable. The dress I'm wearing here is an 18 but I was aware of the occasional gape - ideal for the sheer amount of food I got in my body (canap├ęs, four courses and an afternoon tea - BLISS) but I will definitely go smaller next time round.


Friends, I was on my best behaviour. I barely swore, I only winked at people I felt could take it and most importantly; I did not get hammered and/or fall over. the dress was so flipping easy to wear; I didn't need to pull it up or down, the lining stayed where it should be and I felt utterly lovely all day, even when I was sitting on the train at midnight drinking prosecco out of the bottle...

I had a genuinely lovely day with some utterly wonderful women, not least Hayley from Curves & Curls (Below, wearing the Iris dress and Leanne jacket) . I've always been a fan of Hayley, she's just so full of life - fun, filthy and really very lovely to look at. Spending the day with her was an absolute pleasure and I look forward to doing it again. 


All that's left to do is to thank Studio 8 and their lovely, lovely occasionwear for such an excellent day. I have had the honour of some wonderful experiences through blogging and this is definitely at the top of the list.
Em x

All photos above were taken by Marlene Lee, who is not only a tremendous photographer but also a thoroughly lovely person. 


Five Minutes on Small Fat Privilege

I’ve touched on the topic of small fat privilege before on both the Terrible Tumbles and in this article for Bustle but one of the predominant reasons I've decided to write this post is in the hope it answers some of the questions I'm most frequently asked by other smaller fats. 

'When You're Accustomed to Privilege, Equality Feels Like Oppression' 

The quote above is one I think about often in all elements of my life, I'm sure many of you have completed training around bias, diversity and inclusivity but privilege is something which (particularly amongst the privileged) goes unchecked.

There’s a truly brilliant comic strip by Toby Morris called “On a plate” which I’ve been able to use to illustrate the idea on many occasions where I’m getting nowhere with words. Privilege is rampant in so many areas; gender, race, ableism, age, class but I’m going to focus on small fat privilege in the fat community (because it’s what I know innit?). I’m also going to be using the terminology “Small/er fats” and “large/r fats” – If this offends in any way I’m sorry but this is the language I’m comfortable with and put frankly; it’s fact.

The “But my life hasn’t been easy, I’m the fattest of all my friends and not everything in Topshop fits me” conversation, simply doesn't cut it with me any more. This doesn't mean that I would EVER want to minimise your feelings because I genuinely know that it's not fun. We are, as humans, by nature, conditioned to “Fit in”, to not take up space and the funny fat friend trope is exhausting.  But unless you’re at the top end of the fat scale or a smaller fat with a non-normative figure, I hate to say it, but we’ve had it easy pal. In no way am I saying that I'm apologetic for who I am and what I look like, that makes absolutely no sense BUT the occasions of fatphobia and micro aggressions I've encountered as a smaller fat boil down to around ten in my whole entire life. Other than the very occasional issue, I'm allowed to just live – This is my privilege.

When you get to a certain point of the fat scale, or when you’re a smaller fat with non-normative body, you are systemically assaulted by every element of society. It's not only clothes that don't fit your body, it's knee braces, seatbelts and chairs. It's people making assumptions about your health based on nothing beyond your physical appearance. It's being afraid to eat in public for fear of abuse. It's doctors waving off genuine health concerns as being weight related. It's being deemed unsuitable to raise a child due to nothing but your BMI. It's knowing that every woman on the TV who looks like you is either there to laugh at or as the "before" picture. It's every time you try to love yourself someone tells you not to. Please don't take my word for it, listen to the words of people who experience this on a daily basis here. These are just some of the experiences that set the ends of the scale apart and I want you to remember this. 

Here are some of things I've done and will continue to do in examining my privilege: 

If you dont know what the difference in experience between you and someone at the larger end of the fat scale is; Listen. There are people out there talking about it, be this on twitter, in forums or events. Listen to what they're saying whilst remembering that it is not someone's job to educate you on why you have offended them. Also, it's a tough lesson, but don't get butthurt if someone calls out your privilege.

The following articles have helped me to understand small fat privilege:
I know there are plenty more articles out there so if you can think of something else, please let me know and I'll add a link.

Think about your own Fatphobia
I get the feeling that this is the toughest thing to do, it's certainly the issue I encounter the most in other people. Identifying as fat doesn't automatically rid you of a lifetime of fatphobic views, in the same way that being a woman doesn't automatically make you a feminist. If your version of fat acceptance focuses on your view of "health" or what's deemed as a socially acceptable version of fat, then it isn't fat acceptance. 
Step Back
As a plus size woman of any size, you will find a space on the internet where you can be be supported and loved. Not a day goes by where I don't thank my lucky stars that such a huge group of incredible, intelligent women have accepted me into their lives and are willing to tolerate my nonsense. My only words of advice would be, chill it with the “It’s not fair that smaller fats have a lesser voice”. Our voice is out there, we are represented, we are visible. We are in every plus size advert going, we are the "acceptable face of being fat". 

Never erase or quieten the voices of women larger than yourself. Recognise that fatphobia is much bigger than not being able to buy clothes on the high street. It's about poor medical care, abuse, poverty and discrimination. Support larger fat women as dominant voices in the fat acceptance conversation and recognise your privilege. 
Em x


Spring Is Blooming...?

This is just a quick post to stop by, say Hi and share in some extreme confusion around what the heck the weather's doing. 

Dress - Primark (Similar)
Sandals - Simply Be
When I took these pictures it was hot. Hence me wearing a floaty dress covered in flowers. Right now it is snowing. Hence me wearing my pyjamas.


Midi dresses are the way forward for me right now, the proportions seem to work well with my figure and they look great with trainers, sandals and ankle boots alike

The dress is from Primark so I can't link directly to it but Simply Be have a similar one here. The sandals are also Simply Be, I have them in three colours and they're SO comfortable it's ridiculous.


I'll be back with a longer post at the weekend but, until then, I hope the weather starts to perk up a bit where you are.
Em x