Just another blogging challenge - Christmaaaaaaaaaaas

Goodness me, it's been a bloody long time since I blogged, HASN'T IT?!? Well I'm back and here with a spingly spangly post full of sparkly warklys.

This month's theme is Christmas, which was a good choice of theme because I really like Christmas for many reasons, amongst which are:

I have the heating on all day
I can wear whatever hats I want
I can legit have crisps for breakfast
I get to spend time with my parents
I get to spend time with my Sister
I get to spend time with my Husband's parents
I can eat all of the things
I can drink all of the things
I like sparkly things
I like the smell of tinsel
Turkish delight
Most people are nicer

The things I don't like:
Not being able to sleep due to overconsumption
Having to pull gift ribbon out of my cat's anus
Having no £££ again until next August...

With regards to this blog post, I would like to explore Christmas in regards to what I am going to wear and oh my goodness I am very happy because I have my Christmas clothes SORTED. I have three dress and a jumper and a playsuit and the only thing I paid for was the dress in this post which was only £14 so HOW GOOD IS THAT?!?! I didn't steal anything, I just "found" some of my Husband's Tesco vouchers... (yessssssssss)

So anyway, the following dress is one of Primark's finest, purchased on my shopping day with the lovely babes at Meadowhall. It's green and gold which is one of my favourite colour combos of all time and seems to really suit my colouring for some bizaare reason... (I totally do not understand dressing for colourings and all that blah blah blah)
Dress:   Primark
Shoes:    Asda
Bag:   Primark
I've teamed the dress with my bargain £7 Asda shoes which I believe were made by angels, I wore them to a do last week and kept them on ALL NIGHT (Except when I had to run due to a near toilet accident...) I really really really like these shoes. There is also my sequin Primark bag from a couple of years ago that was A POUND - I ask you... 
Wearing my Standard Kate Moss for Rimmel lippy and because it's (fake) Christmas, some shimmery green eyeliner from Barry M because isn't this time of year incredible for wearing otherwise gross makeup!?!?!?

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