Just another blogging challenge - Of sales and cheapie cheapness

For what must be the first time EVER, I had some success in the sales this year, in that I bought things I actually "needed" (blatant lie, I don't "need" anything. These are things that I "wanted". I've lost track of why I'm using speech marks now so I'll stop) - Hurrah! 

Jersey 3/4 sleeve body con dress: New Look
Floral bra: Rosie Huntington-Whitely for Marks and Spencer
Oversized boyfriend jacket: River Island
Chunky silver choker: Topshop
Floral pants: Rosie Huntington-Whitely for Marks and Spencer
Large leather bag: Accesorize
Now, I've MAJORLY failed here by not getting the before and after prices of what I've bought, but I don't believe something is a "bargain" unless it's 50% off or more. I know I didn't spend more than £70 in total so I did pretty damn well here. All in one shopping trip too! 

I'd decided that this was all I was getting, NO MORE. I didn't "need" it (it's those speech marks again) BUT then I went shopping with some fellow gorgeous enablers (in that they pretty much enforce the spending of my hard earned £££) and New Look in Doncaster happened. *Sigh*

I ended up buying this lovely fluffy blazer, which I am unable to move my arms in BUT NEVER MIND BECAUSE IT IS SOFT. AND LEOPARDY. I also bought this entirely impractical tassley flocked floaty kimono wotsit which I am blatantly going to end up dangling in the toilet or tangling up in bad places. I swear it's these women! They bring out the Bett Lynch in me...

I can proudly say that I have worn every single item, the jackets have made it into my regular rotation, the bag is now my grown up professional day bag (it's entirely full of crap. Including some Beano plasters) and the underwear is my favourite thing to wear on nice nights out (sometimes with other clothes on top) Sadly, the dress was involved in a freak washing machine incident, meaning there is now a giant hole in one sleeve that I hope I will eventually fix. The washing machine also bounced back with some help from a hammer and some swears.

I wasn't totally selfish. I also bought the cats an igloo each. When they're in them they look like giant houndstooth snails. Very chic I'm sure we can all agree.

Houndstooth cat bed: Wilkinsons

All in all, I'm pleased with my sale purchases this year. What's been your best ever sale buy? Mine is a white sequined waterfall jacket from River Island that I somehow ended up with for £7. I DONT KNOW HOW. 

Don't forget to check out how my fellow bargain hunters have got on!

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Em x


Short, Tall and Inbetween - The SimplyBe Skater Dress

I've mentioned once or twice or a million billion times before that I am a lady of height and as such, sometimes have difficulty finding clothes that cover both my bottom AND my top. Thankfully, SimplyBe cater to my gigantism, in fact, gorgeous Kathryn at Miss Kathryn's MissTakes picked up on the fact that ACTUALLY, SimplyBe cater to quite a lot of different sizes and shapes and wouldn't it be interesting to see how the varying sizes work in the same item....? So that's what we are doing here - I am a big tall guineapig at your service.
We were all fortunate enough to be sent the Floral Print Skater Dress to try, mine is the tall variation, meaning that the length is 37in/94cm.

The dress is described on the Website as follows:
The skater dress trend continues with a grunge-inspired twist that’s perfect for the new season. The sleeves feature a turn back tab to wear them full length or at the elbow, and the back ties can be adjusted so you can make the dress fitted to enhance your curves or loose for a casual slouchy look. Buttons to the front and patch pockets provide the perfect finishing touches. A beautiful soft and floaty dress in a floral print.
Dress: Simply Be as above
Tights: Primark
Shoes: Primark
Bag: Accessorize (sale bargain!) 
Jacket: H&M
Now, some things you should know about me:
1) I have a MASSIVE ribcage (big strong lungs you see), meaning I generally avoid skater style things (why the heck are they called "skater" anyway?!? In my limited skating experience, anything with the capacity to blow over your head is distinctly unsuitable) - I like a roomy rib area and a slightly tighter waist in order to not feel suffocated.
2) I don't like back ties AT ALL. I have enough shape, don't force me to have more, stop putting them on things I just get them stuck in car doors/my cats eat them. Thanks. 

Saying this, do I look unhappy in the picture above? NO. Because this dress is flipping lovely.
It doesn't seem to fit the usual skater dress spec to me, potentially because the Tall fit means that the length is spot on and the waistband is in exactly the right place (ie. my waist). I'd be more inclined to refer to it as a tunic, in that it hangs from the shoulders and bust and isn't snug around my problematic ribs. 

The material is beautifully soft and I was able to tie the ties loosely, meaning it looks slouchy but isn't drowning me. Pockets, OH POCKETS, how I adore thee <3 <3 <3 I like having somewhere to put my hands, like a naughty child. Also, I can pop all my bits and bobs in them. Like tissues. And biscuits. 
As above except ankle boots: Primark
I love a long sleeve, and these are the perfect length, they can also be rolled up and buttoned, which is what I think I'll do as the weather gets better (if I haven't frozen my arms off by then....) it's so light that it will be fab with sandals and a light jacket in Summer. I'm also a big fan of a good curtain floral (I did suggest to the others that we get together and start an Austrian folk group, the Von-Bapps if you will) and this one ticks all my chintzy boxes.  I'm usually a size 14-16 and this is a size 14, I could have even sized down (good grief!) if I'd wanted a closer fit. 
Overall, I'm extremely pleased with this SimplyBe dress. It's casual, comfortable, extremely versatile and most importantly; the fit is just right in regards to body to leg ratio and other proportions. In all honesty, I wouldn't have picked it from the picture, it just goes to show that sometimes I should think outside of the box!!! 

Have a look at what the other ladies/guineapigs have done with their badass selves, I've had a sneak preview of a couple and am already chuffed by how we've all made it work for our different shapes.

Leah: JustMeLeah

Are you a tall lady who already shops at SimplyBe? If not, where do you shop and how do you think Tall ranges compare? 

Em x

#BodyConfidenceWeek2014 - Thursday


#BodyConfidenceWeek2014 - Wednesday



Ooh look at my face

Just a brief post to get across HOW MUCH I LOVE MY NEW MAKEUP. 

Now I am by no means "good at makeup". Despite numerous courses when working for various door to door cosmetic companies (yeah guys, I'm just THAT rock and roll), I still feel like I'm playing when I put my face on. Despite this, I've really really got into makeup over the last year, to the extent that, rather than just buying a shitload of things on 3for2 and hoping for the best, I now research. Yes, my face is now a science to me (If I become any more self centered I will implode....)

So, this Christmas I requested Benefit "Boing" concealer. I'd seen an infinite amount of glowing reviews from Bloggers and media alike so I thought I'd give it a go ANDOHMYGOODNESSITISMAGIC. 
Now, I'm going to level with you, the before picture is my face at its worst, I had a cold and haven't slept well for pretty much what feels like nine billion years, so I'm splotchy and a bit baggy. Despite this, I do have quite clear skin (touch wood, watch me come out in boils and scales now....): Fat don't crack, you get me?!? So I can't testify for this concealer being a miracle worker, I can, however, testify for it being really really freaking good. 

The consistency is a bit like an oil paint but it has a matte finish and the strong pigment means you hardly need any at all to make a difference. Just for scientific purposes, the pic below is just with the concealer and no other makeup.
As I say, I had a cold so any dryness is probably snot and not the makeup itself (sorry, good job I don't get paid to review things eh?) Please see below the other items I used to draw on my "after face"
These were all reviewed in my last post with the exception of:
Benefit "eye BRIGHT" eye brightener pencil
Benefit "ooh la lift" under eye brightener
ELF cosmetics studio matte lip colour in Coral

What "miracle" tools do you have in your makeup bags? And is it just me who has really begun to love faffing around with my face for longer than is truly acceptable...?

Em x
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