Just another Blogging Challenge - Something you don't know about me.

You may have noticed that I've missed a few months of this challenge - This is extremely bad form and I AM SORRY!

March's topic is:
Something you don't know about me

Now I have to be honest, there are LOADS of things you don't know about me. To the majority of my readers, I am just a series of confused words and narcissistic images on a phone/computer/tablet/projector(!?!) screen.

This challenge has made me wonder, what do I want to share? Do I want to share something silly, like the time I accidently took too many laxatives at work... (Trust me, whatever you think happened, it WASNT that. It was worse. Much worse), something brave, like when I nearly decapitated a bloke for entirely bypassing the idea of consent.. Or something deep and serious like my inner struggles with mental health and day to day life?

I think for now I'm going to go with something flippant. Something which will make no difference to what you think of me or what I think of myself. Well, actually, it may change what you think of me. Its pretty weird. Weird and a bit creepy... Are you ready...?

I still suck my thumb.

Yup. I'm thirty and I suck my thumb. Some people smoke, some people do yoga. I suck my thumb.

So, there's something new for you. Don't judge me...

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Em x



  1. I am sucking my thumb whilst reading this :D I also have a blanket. No shame, at all.

  2. I smoke, bad habit, thumb sucking, good habit - there's nothing wrong with it at all, my Eldest still has her teddy (which is falling apart and needs teddy surgery asap!) we all need comfort x x x


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